Software R & D Outsourcing

Software Research &Development Outsourcing -
What kind of a business model or philosophy does your company follow – a classic ISV, an ASP or an SaaS?  You are most certain to face a number of predictable challenges that might differ at each level of business scale or maturity, but can be narrowed down to four major aspects:

  • Improving the Speed-to-Market and reducing the R&D cycle time
  • Controlling the Product Life Cycle (PLC) Costs
  • Unlocking the emerging markets potential
  • And securing the R&D talent supply.

Our experience with your business model specifics reduces the risks and the supply chain overhead costs, generally associated with any unfocused outsourcing relationship.  We are offering you a tailored solution for outsourced product development, allowing you to focus on the Core: your customers and the flawless service you deliver.
Our ability to provide you with high quality products and extremely professional services in the shortest possible time is the result of diversification of our business activity – we accept your orders of any size. The so called “end-to-end cycle” has always been our main development principle. It includes determination and satisfaction of our customers’ current and long-term needs. Such an approach allows us to apply process at the customer’s end and at a new quality level.
AAT on site/offshore delivery model leverages the advantages of US presence with offshore skilled engineers to create the cost savings in 40-65%.

  • Project-Based Outsourcing
  • Time and Material Outsourcing
  • Dedicated Development Team

Project-Based Outsourcing

  Activities:   Deliverables:
Analysis/Requirements • Gather requirements
• Scope the project
• Describe the old architecture
• Identify critical issues
• Project Proposal
• Requirements Document
• Project Plan
• System Architecture
Design Documents creation • Develop System Design Schema
• Create detailed project plan
• Design Document
• Hardware and system architecture
• QA Plan
Development/Unit testing • Modules coding
• Unit Testing
• System in overall development
• Test case development
• Test Plan
• Issue Tracking Log
• Code Walkthrough Review
• System Test Cases
System testing • Test cases running
• Bug Fixing
• Change request review
• Update test cases
• Update Design Document
• Test Plan
• Test Cases
• Test Log sheet
• Approved Change Requests
• Updated Design Document
Acceptance/Release to Production • Verify Acceptance criteria
• Bug Fixing
• Change Request review
• User Training
• Development of User Manuals
• Sign Off on Acceptance
• List of QA bugs
• User Manuals
• Installation/Release Notes

Time and Material Outsourcing
Time and Material model is developed for long-term projects, where the total effort cannot be estimated in advance and the scope of work can vary during the implementation.
It’s one of the approaches AAT can propose to use because there may be some additional change requests made in the middle of the project that can result in the budget overrun and project delay. Also this “Time and Material” approach is the best when our potential client wants to start development right away but has not created a whole suite of project requirements documentation.

This business model is highly efficient in case the project is hard to predict in terms of time and creative effort or if the development process needs control and improvement at various stages. Thus, it allows for cancellation at virtually any stage of the development project.

Typically our US Project managers spend more time managing the contract to ensure our customer is getting the appropriate value for the time they are paying. This is the best approach to start saving right now!
The Dedicated Development Team Methodology
With a highly competitive market proposing new-sophisticated services nowadays a dedicated team service is attaining a very important role. Working solely on a selected project, a dedicated specialist is a professional who learn about the client’s requirements and meet them in the most efficient way.
Our well-defined, 6-step methodology has been evolved based on our development experience of numerous Off-shore projects. This approach uses offshore and onsite implementation.

  • Step 1. Project Team Creation.
    Scope Agreement sign off. – Need to identify key team members for project.
  • Step 2. Onsite to Offshore Knowledge Transition.
    The main goal of this phase is to understand the client requirements, business processes, company standards, the specific systems IT environment as well as the approach that will be used. It’s a huge learning curve.
  • Step 3. Offshore Process Definition.Create detail customization methodology for the client specific requirements.
  • Step 4. Offshore Simulation.
    Simulate client IT environment at offshore development Centre. Review and confirm the Service Level Agreements. – Build the Offshore Infrastructure (IT, software and physical). – Set up the offshore team. – Metric-defined training of the Offshore Development team.
  • Step 5. Offshore Project Execution.
    Start executing project according to the project plan
  • Step 6. Review the project deliverables and identify the weak areas of the implementation.
    Implement the feedback. – Have the first year Service Agreement review. Our proven offshore software development processes have enabled our clients to dramatically cut software development life cycle costs up to 65%.

Dedicated Team Service Key Benefits:

  • Flexible engagement contract
  • Complete devotion to your business objectives
  • Skilled staff to work exclusively for you
  • Possibility to select team members, motivate and manage them
  • Experienced dedicated team leader to ensure the most efficient workflow
  • Direct contact
  • Transparent workflow

Software development could be rather time consuming process. Owing to AAT dedicated team service notable for its transparent workflow, efficient solutions and effective communication the risk for you to pay extra money is significantly reduced.
AAT dedicated team service is developed to provide a completely exclusive approach to your needs and maximum cost efficiency for your business. You can monitor progress and have a complete control over the process.
AAT dedicated team will offer you utmost professionalism, creativity and non-trivial approach. Each dedicated team has an experienced team leader to avoid possible unpredictable issues of the development process and to ensure the most efficient workflow.
Each engagement contract for the dedicated team services is developed according to the client’s requirements to provide the best cost effective solution for a selected project.
The constitution of the dedicated team and the contract engagement duration are wholly dependent on the client’s choice.