Green IT

Map out a corporate responsibility and sustainability approach that’s good for the environment, and your business.

As the importance of eco-sustainability grows, organizations need to reduce their impact on the environment and improve their corporate responsibility and sustainability practices.

Solutions to Reduce Your Footprint
IT can play a key role in helping companies reduce their carbon footprint. AAT can help you map out a Green IT approach that’s good for the environment, and for your business. AAT’s Green IT solutions include:

  • Infrastructure strategy and design: discover Green IT opportunities, such as client devices, server-side computing and optimization of server farms.
  • Green data centers: capitalize on improved IT infrastructure, virtualization and consolidation, reuse of waste heat, and more.
  • Sustainable desktop strategies: conserve resources without compromising service, performance or productivity.
  • Cloud Computing: use only what you need, pay for what you use and keep power wastage and emissions to a minimum.
  • ASE facilitation: help consumer product retailers identify sustainability solutions for the future value chain.
  • Smart Metering and Smart Grid solutions: put in place advanced two-way communication infrastructures for significant operational and managerial gains.
  • CSR Consulting Services: adopt CSR for your Supply Chain Management and Performance Management, and use the Carbon Footprint Reduction Tool.

We help you plan your green IT strategy. Then we work with you to put your green IT priorities into practice, by:

  • Designing a long-term program for developing and deploying sustainable processes.
  • Identifying technological solutions that may increase competitiveness.
  • Assessing necessary changes based on existing regulations or forecasts.
  • Building reporting tools to fully grasp risk and monitor progress.