Infrastructure Outsourcing

Facilitate innovation and future business planning with a scalable, efficient and secure infrastructure solution.

IT infrastructure is the engine that drives your business. AAT’s Infrastructure Outsourcing services can help ensure that your infrastructure operations run as smoothly and reliably as possible.

We work with you to optimize the way you use your core IT infrastructures. We implement robust integrated operations that are built to IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) standards, incorporate proven technology solutions and are backed by specialist technical expertise.
The result is an infrastructure solution that is efficient, scalable and secure, and that strikes a balance between flexibility and cost, while facilitating innovation and future business planning.

Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM)
Reduce IT expenditures and gain faster, more flexible service.

Experience Our RIM Solution at Work and discover how you will benefit from rapid cost reduction as well as improved business performance and agility.

Our RIM solution includes:

  • Clear and flexible contracts with utility-based pricing that aligns business demands with costs
  • Integrated governance and service management, offering process maturity excellence and business-and-IT alignment
  • A shift-left strategy for greater proactive intervention
  • A vendor-neutral philosophy

RIM offers a number of advantages over traditional infrastructure management solutions, including:

  • Process improvements
  • Faster, more flexible service
  • Lower risk of IT failure
  • A 30% reduction in operational costs with low up-front investment

AAT draws on the skills and expertise of professionals around the world to provide comprehensive and integrated infrastructure management.

Our Infrastructure Management Operations Center (IMOC), operated globally across our Rightshore’s network, is at the heart of our RIM services. The AAT IMOC is a control room that displays the health and status of your infrastructure and networks. The AAT IMOC model guarantees:

  • 24/7 operational monitoring
  • First-line support to address problem escalation
  • Second-line support, base-level technical support, automation and client liaison

Our Infrastructure Management Operations Center (IMOC) experts can also analyze your more complex business issues with a view to re-engineering your services and adding value to your business.

Data Center and Infrastructure Services
Back service guarantees with robust service-level agreements and respond quickly to changing needs.

Data is central to every company’s operations. As it increases in importance and volume, the support of a trusted service provider becomes more important. AAT’s Data Center and Infrastructure Services provide you with robust, proven solutions to ensure optimal IT support for your business.

Our Data Center and Infrastructure Services portfolio includes hosting and managed facilities to server consolidation and virtualization, hence providing the Infrastructure for Secure, Sustainable Services.

Our Data Center and Infrastructure Services respond quickly to your changing needs to ensure appropriate service levels and are:

  • Cost effective: reduce the total cost of your IT operations by up to 30%
  • Secure: focus on business objectives and maintain peace of mind, as our physical and logical security has been tested to military standards
  •  Flexible: bridge the gap between traditional on-premise enterprise architecture and the public cloud through our Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) offering, which combines the operational “pay-as-you-go” cost model with the security of a direct connection to your network.
  • Sustainable: tap into a network of energy-efficient sites, including one of the most sustainable data centers in the world.
  • Resilient: benefit from 99.9% system availability

We have no allegiance to any specific technology vendor. In fact, we have strong alliances with all the major hardware providers. This means we work with you to select the hardware infrastructure that is sufficiently mature for adoption and that will most effectively address your business needs and objectives.

All of our data centers have Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) ratings that are better than the industry average.

Leveraging Cloud Computing for a More Integrated IT Architecture
Our extensive experience in introducing our clients to cloud technologies and our status as first service provider to bring public cloud services to the enterprise space has shown us that cloud computing is sufficiently mature to be adopted as an extension of, not replacement for, existing delivery platforms.
In practical terms, we envisage a Compute Continuum that runs from proprietary, discrete assets dedicated to a specific function, through the emergence and adoption of best practice in estate management, virtualization, consolidation, multi-tenancy, and, ultimately, to public cloud in its truest sense.

Cloud Computing – IaaS
Exploit the cloud to accelerate business change:
Cloud computing provides a unique opportunity for organizations to get more out of their IT investment. AAT Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) is pragmatically positioned as part of a computing continuum that starts with legacy systems and extends to public cloud.

Why AAT Private Cloud?
AAT Private Cloud IaaS brings real and immediate value to your business, through: Speed to value; Business agility; Cost reduction; Reliability, privacy & governance; Greener IT; A single integrated user experience.

Using Cloud to Accelerate Business Change
Since the emergence of cloud as a legitimate IT platform for enterprises, AAT has been at the forefront of bringing cloud computing to the enterprise. We work with partners such as Amazon Web Services, Google, IBM and Microsoft to offer a rich portfolio of scalable, dependable cloud-based compute and storage services to hundreds and thousands of end-users.
Building on our experience in data center services, we created a Cloud Computing Center of Excellence. The Center helps companies integrate cloud computing into their IT and business strategies, and build and manage scalable, next-generation infrastructure environments.

On-Demand Infrastructure
AAT Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) bridges the gap between traditional on-site enterprise architecture and the public cloud. It combines the operational “pay-as-you-go” cost model with the security of a direct connection to your network. Our Cloud IaaS offerings include:
1.    Express Private Cloud
2.    Enterprise Private Cloud
3.    Select Private Cloud

These flexible service-level offerings bring you:

  • Speed to value: frees staff to focus on value creation thanks to immediately available, reliable and scalable infrastructure.
  • Business agility: matches your business needs through infrastructure resources and costs that scale up and down as required.
  • Cost reduction: eliminates CapEx and reduces like-for-like OpEx.
  • Reliability, privacy and governance: guarantees highly available, resilient and redundant infrastructure with variable service levels to suit your business.
  • Greener IT: reduces over provisioning of server estates and the accompanying surplus energy consumption and carbon emissions.
  • A single integrated user experience: assures a common look and feel between existing and cloud-based applications.

Advancing onto the Private Cloud
To determine what your next stage of engagement with cloud computing should be, we work in partnership with you to discover your business needs and find a service level that fits. We develop the most appropriate IaaS platform solution through:

  • Demonstrations that model functionality, service features and usability of the IaaS platform on your existing infrastructure
  • Detailed technical reviews that assess your business and technical requirements
  • On-site assessments that determine the readiness of your application portfolio and IT service environment
  • Consulting proof of concept that demonstrates transition and functionality of target applications
  • A one month trial period of AAT IaaS for a specific project
  • Flexible pricing options that ensure competitive rates compared to other private and public cloud service providers
  • Workplace Services
  • Implement a desktop environment that suits your needs and your client’s.
  • Companies want a standardized, tightly controlled desktop environment that increases productivity, while end users require a more customized desktop experience. AAT’s workplace services bridge the gap between these disparate needs.

A Workplace Services Pioneer
Our workplace services deliver a standardized, secure end-user environment supported by industry-standard incident and change management processes and delivered to collaboratively defined service levels.

Transform Workplace Environments into High-Performance Platforms
AAT helps you address your business and end user priorities with a portfolio of workplace services that includes:

  • Intelligent Workplace: an innovative, end-to-end approach to workplace application and platform services built around tailored user profiles that helps you to improve end user productivity, boost business agility and address environmental objectives, all while reducing IT costs.
  • Google AppsTM: a low-cost office productivity environment adapted to the needs of end users and built on our renowned partnership with Google.
  • Thin Client: an enhanced Workplace Managed Services architecture that provides a low-carbon, energy-efficient, virtualized desktop environment.

Although steeped in technology and process expertise, our focus is always on business outcomes. We ensure that our outsourcing offers are designed, implemented and managed to deliver value to the business. Our Workplace Services portfolio will:

  • Save costs while enhancing service
  • Improved IT performance and availability
  • Enhance environmental credentials

We take a multi-faceted approach to managing workplace services, drawing on:

  • Our Rightshore® delivery model: providing services from a center that optimizes quality and performance, and conforms to recognized industry standards such as ITIL.
  • Strong alliances with major infrastructure vendors: enabling us to manage the complex network of suppliers that comprise a typical multi-sourcing contract, and helping us support different sustainability policies.
  • End User Assessment capability: enabling the provision of the right platform, application profile and service level for each type of role within the business.
  • Mass deployment capabilities: enabling deployment to take place quickly, with low risk and minimal disruption
  • A Shift-left strategy: leveraging our people, processes, knowledge base, and remote toolkit and automation technologies to prevent issues from occurring and resolve them quickly if they do.
  • Service management integration: facilitating consistent and measurable service quality, aligned with your business objectives.

Google Apps
You can share and edit data on the web with this web-hosted suite of tools.

Designed to meet the needs of global enterprises with multiple facilities, Google Apps is a web-hosted suite of tools that enables teams to share and edit data on the web. This helps you minimize costs, increase employee productivity and encourage collaboration.

Breaking Ground with Google Apps
AAT is a part of the Google Enterprise Professional Program. We have brought Google Apps Premier Edition to our well-established desktop services practice. This enables you to leverage our years of experience incorporating new applications into existing IT infrastructures and move freely between Microsoft Office, Exchange/Outlook and Google Apps environments.

Our Google Apps Offer
AAT offers a simple but powerful proposition:

  • Drive new business value by focusing on collaboration and providing employees with the right applications to do their work
  • Lower desktop support costs by drawing on AAT’s global support network
  • Get started faster than with traditional solutions. AAT can have users provisioned and working in under 30 minutes when using Google Apps
  • Reduce your company’s carbon footprint by eliminating the need to procure hardware to host your in-house collaboration and productivity tools

Modular Solutions that Reduce Costs
We recognize the value of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) desktop solutions. Google Apps does not require local software installation or maintenance, so it significantly reduces IT infrastructure costs and downtime.
You can avoid superfluous costs by adopting our flexible pricing model to adapt license commitments to fit usage and fluctuating business needs. By moving to our global delivery model and leveraging the resulting economies of scale, clients typically save 30-50% on desktop support costs.
We deliver modular solutions that accommodate individual user requirements within an industrialized framework. Our scalable solutions range from readiness assessments and transition planning to support services and fully managed desktop outsourcing. AAT has extensive experience providing round-the-clock support.