Working at AAT
Stay ahead and advance your career
Using advanced technologies of America
 With Advanced American Technologies Inc.

Embark on a career that inspires, challenges and invigorates

We know that choosing a right company can be a difficult task. There are a lot of options and not all firms are the same. Given AAT´s unique characteristics, its growing presence and the real opportunity for new recruits to make an immediate impact, are just some of the things that make AAT a great place to work.

Brief snapshot of AAT’s offerings:

Global Company
AAT’s global identity is its people. AAT consultants come from different parts of the world and bring their own diverse culture and thoughts that enriches our talent and global understanding.

Learning Opportunities
We provide you the opportunity to explore and pursue new thoughts that encompass AAT´s drive towards innovation. Self-help guides and a host of online web-based courses are specially designed to enhance the learning experience.

As a AAT employee you will have many opportunities to meet and learn from a wide circle of experts in many IT areas. Our goal is to help you develop to your fullest potential. We encourage you and all our professionals to share your knowledge and experience with each other. We are pleased to help you connect and network with any of our employees who have appropriate skills and experience.

Leading through Innovation
Implementing new ideas that can transform the technology landscape has always been a driving point at AAT. We encourage and provide the necessary support to help you bring ideas to fruition within a perfect environment with the freedom to go where no innovator has gone before.

Risks: Our Stepping Stones to Success
We understand, we anticipate, we learn from the risks we take at AAT. What we have become is a collective result of the large and small challenges we have taken head on. We never let an opportunity pass, however tough the terrain may be. And we have the right mentors to help channel your ideas while absorbing any risk that might arise.

Awards and Recognition
AAT recognizes everyone who contributes to making the company an innovation leader. The awards and recognition programs from AAT are our way of saying “Thank You” for every idea and effort you contribute.

Achieve Sustained Growth
As business dynamics change in today’s competitive environment, AAT makes strategic investments across domains that reflect or anticipate the current mood of the market. You get to be a part of this new growth that could be the next big thing on the horizon and would rise to the top with AAT.