IT Staffing

We integrate RIGHT IT Talent with Technology

Today, hiring managers and key procurement personnel have a virtually overwhelming number of sources for IT professionals. Internet-based job boards, college fairs, advertisements or personal referrals can generate dozens of candidates for one position. Handled internally, sorting, screening and interviewing all of these candidates can take days, weeks or even months – potentially crippling critical IT projects and support operations. Worse yet, many candidates these sources return may not even have the basic qualifications needed to join your team.

Clearly, finding the best IT professionals will continue to be a challenge.

AAT gives you the ability to be as fluid and fast as the technology you’re dealing with by putting you in touch with qualified, talented professionals from any discipline representing every skill set, no matter how obscure or scarce. We judge our entire account management process on how quickly we respond to client requests. Our nationwide team of business development managers and recruiters use these processes to develop a pipeline of top IT professionals ready for assignments.

We at AAT believe in:

  • Uncompromising attitude to business ethics.
  • Informed and intelligent team that prides itself on keeping abreast of technology developments.
  • Customized and timely, hiring solutions to meet your organizational requirements.
  • Flexible, accommodating teams that can internalize your demands.
  • A team that does not believe in short cuts.             
Our passion is connecting great people to meet the needs of our diverse IT community.

AAT – Your Talent Acquisition Partner

Our services are designed to provide candidates for any assignment you need which includes

  • Contract Services
  • Contract-to-Hire
  • Direct Hire
  • Payroll Services
  • Managed Services

Moreover, we have the ability to unbundle recruiting services, allowing you to purchase the portion of the recruiting function you need. From simple, cost effective sourcing engagements to a complete Recruitment Process Outsource solution, AAT is designed to meet your staffing needs. We exist to become your first choice as a talent acquisition partner.