Our Global delivery model has a right mix of on-site, onshore, near shore and offshore resources.

ensures you have access to the right services in the right place at the right price.
Global competitiveness is driving market growth across domains and as your business expands, the need to focus on core capabilities becomes increasingly critical. You require the best resources to be devoted across your enterprise as you grow. With IT infrastructure emerging as an important element of defining and achieving your business objectives, you also need to be technologically ready to take on strategic challenges that can fuel your growth. Balancing these business and technology requirements would unnecessarily burden your organizational resources. With this in mind, outsourcing is the key to take care of IT infrastructure and application requirements while allowing you to concentrate on your business competencies. Across domains, IT is an integral part of organizational process and growth and AAT is that partner who can help you achieve technology competence of the highest level.

AAT Total Outsourcing (TOS) services are targeted at achieving maximum value by providing end-to-end best of breed IT practices for your business. From technology optimization to mitigating risks, we fulfill your constant IT infrastructure and application demands while evaluating, deploying and managing flexible, responsive and economical solutions. Through our acknowledged quality processes and program governance frameworks, we help you achieve and sustain business momentum. Based on service level agreements (SLAs), we meet every need and objective of your business by providing IT infrastructure solutions that seamlessly align with organizational processes and practices.

We have helped organizations strategize, integrate, manage, maintain and sustain their IT infrastructure to emerge stronger in their respective domains. Our success lies in our continued focus to help you enhance your business value through IT. We are committed to deliver quality to your enterprise through our onsite, near site, multi-site, offsite and Global Service Management Centre (GSMC) service delivery models.

Our innovative Rightshore approach enables you to draw on the right mix of resources. Meanwhile, our Collaborative Business Experience offers you the flexibility to meet your unique business needs: from traditional engagements that focus on optimizing your IT cost structure to value-added transformational arrangements that can drive top-line growth.

We offer:

  • Application Outsourcing
  • Business Process Outsourcing
  • Infrastructure Outsourcing
  • Green IT
  • Service Management
  • Global Service Desk