Business Process Outsourcing

Unlock the hidden value in your BPO workflow with our Business Insight processes, intelligence tools and knowledge.
Organizations expect more today from Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) than traditional low-cost transaction processing.

AAT has responded to this demand by developing BPO with Business Insight. This new generation of BPO solutions applies unique Business Insight processes, intelligence tools and extensive domain knowledge to extract the hidden value in BPO workflow and help improve the top line.

Finance & Accounting
Streamline finance and accounting processes for smooth and responsive business operations, and transform F&A into a value-added business function with our Global Process Model (GPM).

Improve control and compliance, while achieving bottom-line savings, with our leading technology and procurement best practices.

Supply Chain Management
AAT combines consulting services with outsourcing solutions to streamline your supply chain operations.

Customer Operations Management
Analyze transactions to improve customer care and operational efficiency simultaneously.

Social Media Management
Manage the opportunities and risks that social media represents with the insights and strategies to improve customer experience.

Management Assurance Services
Meet regulatory requirements consistently and efficiently with sustainable, best-practice processes.

Knowledge Process Outsourcing
Draw on a global network of highly skilled talent with industry-specific expertise.